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TMZ had a report on Tuesday morning that said the Chicago White Sox were looking into the possibility of also taking all those novelty Manny Ramirez(notes) wigs off the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But Big League Stew has learned that any possible consignment arrangement between the two teams is a no-go.

The wigs — which once equaled Botox and purse dogs as the most desired accessory around Los Angeles — will have to hope that the Dodgers sign Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Here's what White Sox marketing honcho Brooks Boyer said in an email to BLS:

"We did inquire about [the wig] availability directly to the Dodgers. The catch was that the wigs were sewn into Dodger skull caps. I don't think our fans can be tricked into believing the blue cap with "L-A" is a black cap with "S-O-X". So no extra baggage charge for Manny's flight east.

"We are looking at retail options for our fans, including wigs, pending on his look once he gets into games. We are on a long road trip so it gives us some time to figure out what items will work with our fans. The Manny driven items of most value to our fans if put to use would be their postseason tickets."

"Pending on his look once he gets into games." Hmm, interesting.

Might the White Sox have to order the wigs in a bob, beehive or Jennifer Aniston look?

Or will Manny — in an attempt to curry favor for a future contract — heed the usual request of White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf that his players keep their 'cuts close and cropped?

Perhaps we'll find out when the man himself arrives in Cleveland on Tuesday night. 

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