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A screenshot from "Walker, Texas Ranger" just before Chuck Norris springs into action?

Sorry Conan, it's just a picture from the pregame ceremony at Rangers Ballpark on Tuesday. That's when a member of the Army's Golden Knights parachute team snagged himself on a flagpole as he approached his landing spot on the field. Hey guys, a little help here?   

From the Associated Press:

The Rangers said the unidentified jumper was uninjured after he unbuckled himself from the chute and dropped a few feet to a work platform on top of the scoreboard, the highest point of the stadium. The jumper could [be] seen walking away while his parachute whipped in the wind for several more minutes before being removed by stadium workers, who arrived quickly.

Given all the grislier ways that a skydiving accident can turn out, it's nice to see that no one was hurt. That said, the Rangers might want to give Chuck Norris a call to avoid any future entanglements. He doesn't even need a parachute to skydive, you know.

Here's a clip of the incident:

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