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For the Tigers fan who has everything — be it an old seat from Tiger Stadium or a corked bat used by Norm Cash —  now he or she can decorate the family room with some of the finest memorabilia in the history of Detroit baseball.

(No, not Ty Cobb's fur coat, Cecil Fielder's boxers or Jim Leyland's smoking jacket.)

As you might have heard, outfielder Magglio Ordonez(notes) recently chopped much of his trademark shoulder-length hair in a possible attempt to bust his "looking like Samson, hitting like Delilah" slump.

And with that mission now accomplished, he has put the dark brown curls up for a charity auction on eBay. Starting bid — a cool $5,000. 

Yes, that's a giant clump of Ordonez's actual trimmed hair in the photo. And we agree with Leyland's initial reaction. It looked much better on his head. 

"I was so jealous," Leyland said. "I told him I wish I would've been there. I would've picked up those curls and I would've made it into a toupee if I could've. He's got beautiful hair. I'm jealous."

The haircut was Magglio's first in five (yes, five) years.

But the snipping already has paid off for Ordonez, who celebrated seeing the inside of a barber shop by hitting the go-ahead home run in the Tigers' 6-5 victory against the Cubs on Thursday. Expected to be a big bat as usual in the Tigers lineup, Ordonez has been slumping so badly this season he was benched last week by Leyland.

It's uncertain if wanting to change his luck at the plate really had anything to with Ordonez letting his hair go — "It just felt like time," he said to reporters — but if seeing a stylist instead of a hitting coach helps him get to swinging right, all the better for the first-place Tigers.

Ordonez's long locks have seen a lot of Detroit baseball history. As pointed out on, the enduring image of Ordonez in a Tigers uniform is his home run against Huston Street in the 2006 ALCS that sent Detroit to the World Series. The moment was mimicked by former teammate Todd Jones, who donned an Ordonez jersey and a Maggs wig, for realism, during a rain delay theater last year.

As we said, the bidding starts at $5,000, which seems steep for dead strands of protein, but considering his fame and that the package includes use of Magglio's skybox for a game at Comerica Park, along with an autographed bat, the bounty is a virtual lock to fetch an amount higher than its minimum by the time bidding ends July 4.

And the charity, the Imerman Angels, is a beautiful cause that helps cancer patients.

Hey, maybe if the hair can be preserved, the winning bidder can turn around and donate it to Locks of Love. Double charity whammy! How long does hair keep?

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