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If you're watching  tonight's Home Run Derby, make sure to be on the lookout for a rangy lefty patrolling the right field media stands. That man will be none other than yours truly and if it comes down to having to elbow a Bergen Record reporter out of the way for a dinger by my main man Chase Utley, you better believe I'm gonna throw a few Ewings in the town where #33 made 'em famous.

The view to the right currently belongs to me and a few of us media-types are debating what it would take for a home run blast to reach all the way back to us. We're a bit underneath the overhang and we're thinking it'd take the mother of all line-drive cannon blasts to clear the first level, yet stay clear of the deck above us.

A deflection might work, too.

The National League is just finishing up its batting practice with a round booing of David Wright from the Bleacher Creatures to my right. Also, whoever outfitted them tonight might want to re-enroll in the various fashion schools located throughout this fair city. The grey hats paired with the grey uniforms make the Senior Circuiters look like they just climbed off a school-bus with caged windows and have to be back to the pen before it turns dark. 

Follow the jump to see what I'm talking about. Stay tuned for any ball-catching updates:

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