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When talking to reporters about the weekend burglary of a house he and two teammates have been renting during spring training, Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria(notes) at first failed to mention one of the prominent stolen items.

We heard about a 60-inch TV, a laptop computer, three iPads and several expensive watches. We also heard from the players how it was a good thing they — Longoria, David Price(notes) and Reid Brignac(notes) — weren't home at the time of the invasion.

But we hadn't heard about a certain "personal item" that belonged to Longoria. Nothing too important, you know, just your average run-of-the-mill ... AK-47 assault rifle.

And Price was worried about having to manually replace all of his Internet bookmarks.

An AK. That's a big gun, and probably why it was a good thing Longoria and Co. weren't home during the invasion. Somebody would have been armed. Say hello to Longo's little friend, etc., etc.

"Perfectly legal," the local sheriff's office says.

It's also perfectly understandable Longoria wouldn't want word to get out that he was careless and irresponsible enough to store an unsecured deadly weapon in a rented home that had little or no apparent security system and would frequently be unoccupied.

A home that also had at least one unlocked window, police said, through which thieves entered and took the weapon.

Longoria did not have much to add about his missing gun when asked about it on Monday by the St. Pete Times:

"It's a personal item," [said] Longoria on Monday afternoon, before the Rays game against the Yankees at Steinbrenner Field. "Obviously they're going to say things that are taken. I think everything within the house is personal and we'll just leave it at that."

Longoria, speaking for about two minutes in front of several TV and print reporters, said he wants to put the burglary behind him and move on.

Yes, just wash those hands. Meanwhile, we've got another powerful gun on the street in a criminal's possession. I don't know why Longoria owns (or owned) an AK-47, but no matter if it was for protection or for fun, he shouldn't get it back — if police ever recover it in the first place.

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