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Logan Morrison trolls Twitter with Prince signing tweets

Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison was at it again on Thursday afternoon, attempting to trick his followers and baseball writers on Twitter with a series of tweets designed to lead those not paying attention to believe that free-agent first baseman Prince Fielder was headed to the Seattle Mariners.

Logan Morrison trolls Twitter with Prince signing tweets

Of course the smart fish, so to speak, weren't biting on that original tweet because, well, it's Logan Morrison, and everybody knows how much Logan Morrison loves being Logan Morrison, and loves seeing his name written several times in blog posts and articles.

Of course that didn't stop some media outlets, such as WGN Radio in Chicago — flagship station of the Chicago Cubs — from going to the air with the news, while not directly acknowledging the tweets. Sports anchor and Chicago Cubs postgame host David Kaplan reportedly told listeners a deal with Seattle was near just moments after the original tweet, and that the Cubs were likely to miss out on the best free agent left.

I'm sure they weren't alone.

Shortly thereafter, Morrison came clean on his "joke," informing us he was instead referring to the musician Prince. By then, most had put two and two together, and were aware that Prince had performed down the road from Seattle at the Tacoma Dome earlier in the week.

Logan Morrison trolls Twitter with Prince signing tweets

What followed were a series of sometimes cruel, but often true jokes about Morrison's on-field career from fans, bloggers and writers alike. You can probably still find a lot of those by simply entering the name Logan Morrison into a Twitter search.

Logan Morrison trolls Twitter with Prince signing tweets

As Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports tweeted in response: "This is war."

Indeed it is. But it's a war Logan Morrison will continue to win, because I just wrote the name Logan Morirson again ... twice.

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