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Among the famous and semi-famous, it has become a rite of passage in the Internet Age: Do something noteworthy and have your Wikipedia biography hilariously altered by naughty cyber gremlins.

In that sense, Chicago White Sox part-timer Brent Lillibridge(notes) came off the bench and became a man Tuesday night in the Bronx.

With Chicago clinging to a one-run lead in the ninth inning against the heart of the New York Yankees order, Lillibridge made two game-saving catches — the first while banging against the fence in right on a drive hit by Alex Rodriguez(notes), and a second on an all-out dive to snare a liner by Robinson Cano(notes).

The Yankees stranded runners at first and second base and White Sox won 3-2.

Watch the catch at the fence

Watch the diving catch to end the game

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said he has found his new closer: "Lillibridge."

"Wow," captain Derek Jeter(notes) could be seen saying. A-Rod called the plays "incredible." Chicago first baseman Paul Konerko(notes) said he doubted that either ball would be caught.

"You've got to be bleepin' me!" screamed White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson. Yankees fans probably said something likewise.

Not only did Lillibridge earn the admiration of his teammates, the respect of the Yankees (along with the head-shaking scorn of their fans), but he also earned brief Wikipedia immortality when someone tweaked the "Early Life" section of his page:

Lillibridge was born in the deepest caverns of ancient mesopotamia. When he was five years old he mastered the art of natural pwning through rightfield. His dad, the famous god Marduk gave him the power of ultimate invincibility, giving him the force to withstand glass. Due to a virgin birth, his mother never loved him :'( but it didn't matter because his friends were there for him. One thousand years later, he laid dormant until the white sox discovered his frozen body in the jungles of Mexico.

None of that is true (or at least verifiable) and minutes after the passage was added, Wikipedia minions erased it. (Integrity!) Thankfully, someone (I) had come along and screen-capped the moment for posterity.

Getting the Wikipedia Treatment is quite a statement for Lillibridge, a youthful-looking 27-year-old backup infielder by trade with 153 appearances to his credit in parts of four major league seasons.

Lillibridge had come in as a pinch runner in the top of the eighth and scored on Paul Konerko's go-ahead two-run homer.  He stayed to play defense — at a position where he has 32 career innings. And it was a good thing for the White Sox he did.

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