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Did you know that Matt Wieters(notes) once defeated Marlo, Omar and Brother Mouzone in the same street fight?

Or that he outdrank the entire Baltimore police department and then outswore every detective at ol' Ray Cole's wake?

Or that he and not David Simon wrote all five seasons of "The Wire" as well as scouted all the locations, chose all the music and acted every part in the show?

Ah, heck, you get where I'm going with all of this, don't you? Today is officially Wieters' debut day and the whole Internetz is abuzz over his arrival in Baltimore. It's probably too much hype for any single player to live up to, but if anyone can, it's the catching prospect who inspired Matt Wieters Facts, a website that has been collecting Chuck Norris-style facts about Wieters.

Said David Stockstill, Baltimore's director of player development, to

"I've never been around a prospect with this much hype, and it's something he'll need to get used to. It's something he's already begun to deal with, but it's magnified tremendously at the Major League level. That's something he's going to have to live with, and the better he does on the field, the more of it there will be. So hopefully, this is just the beginning."

If you plan to spend your Friday evening watching the first at-bat of what many in Bawlmer are hoping will be a Hall of Fame career, be advised that first pitch at Camden is scheduled for 7:05 ET. Wieters will most likely face Detroit starter Dontrelle Willis to begin his big league career and if there's a better matchup to warn us about the dangers of starting the Cooperstown parade too early, I don't know about it.

(After all, it wasn't that long ago that we were all ga-ga over Willis, too. Though big props to the D-Train for his recent rebound.)

But what fun would tempered optimism be on a momentous night like tonight? Join in the fun and leave your own Matt Wieters fact — Wire-related or not — in the comments below.

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