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Genius? No, that's just St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle Lohse(notes) doing his best Tony La Russa impression as he walked out the team's scorecard before Thursday's 9-1 win over the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Check out the video here if you don't believe me.

But also, genius. In an attempt to stand in for La Russa as he recovers from a nasty bout of the shingles, Lohse may have stumbled into this fall's most popular Halloween costume in the St. Louis suburbs — and inadvertently found a few new friends/archrivals for L'il Ronnie Washington. Lohse should get started on mass production, a.s.a.p.

Lohse's disguise got me thinking about some of the better baseball getups we've seen over the years. Here's a few of our favorites below ...

* * *

When it comes to rain-delay theater, Rick Dempsey was really the Babe Ruth of the genre.

* * *

Indeed, Dempsey's work opened the doors for players like Robin Ventura — who can be seen here impersonating New York Mets teammate Mike Piazza — or those two bored college teams that we featured on The Stew last season.

* * *

The most potent recipe for nightmare fuel features a healthy dose of Barry Bonds impersonating Paula Abdul in the San Francisco Giants' version of "American Idol."

* * *

Truth: This screenshot of Derek Jeter(notes) performing his cameo in "The Other Guys" is the image that most baseball analysts had in their heads while discussing The Captain's early season struggles.

* * *

The best master of deception in baseball today? Look no further than Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein who — when not busy selling us that "pitchers and defense" strategy in 2010 before the great spending spree of 2011 — once eluded reporters by donning a gorilla suit and later took in a Pearl Jam show while dressed like a lost Allman brother.

* * *

Man, Magglio Ordonez(notes) really blends in with the woodwork as he tries to avoid autograph seekers at Detroit Tigers spring training.

* * *

Either Jose Guillen(notes) really wanted to look like a dying Darth Vader or he didn't want anyone to know that he played for the Washington Nationals. Maybe both.

* * *

Ah yes, Mike Mussina as Jason Giambi(notes). Or as I like to call it, the one moment in history when someone on the New York Yankees showed a sense of humor.

* * *

Finally,  the patron saint of incognito baseball figures.

Bobby Valentine, forever and ever. Amen.

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