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Thank god for the Dick's advertising folks. One season after releasing that great Jimmy Rollins spot, they've returned with a good ad featuring Ken Griffey Jr.(notes) and Torii Hunter(notes) racing through one of their sporting good stores. It's a pretty entertaining 30 seconds, even if it'll leave you wondering how to calculate UZR through the golf ball aisle.

More importantly, it returns Griffey to the national spotlight when it comes to being a pitchman. A number of things — injuries, playing for a losing team, balloonhead ad execs — limited The Kid's commercial exposure during the 2000s, but it's a good thing his appeal has again been recognized. Maybe he can turn into a Cal Ripken-like guy after his career.

In honor of Griffey's re-emergence between whatever we're watching, here's a look at a few of the better commercials that he filmed during his hey day.

Ken Griffey and Don Mattingly — Nike: We ran this spot on BLS a few months back and it probably ranks as my favorite Griffey commercial. And, hey, look! Bobby Ayala!

* * *

Hit It Here — Nike: Oh, for the days when a baseball home run was the ultimate way to sell your product instead of something to completely distance your product from. Extra points to this ad for including my favorite Seattle landmark.  

* * *

Foul Ball Off A Fastball — Pepsi: This is the only national spot I could remember/fine that features Griffey in a Reds uniform. In retrospect, this one would have been much funnier/heart-warming had Griffey's foul ball actually hit Sammy Sosa(notes) in the dugout. 

* * *

Griffey clones — Seatte Mariners tickets: "Diving stop by Griffey, throws over to Griffey."

* * *

Griffey for President — Nike: You know how they say the advancement of our society is first pushed on our playing fields? Twelve years after this campaign, a black man was elected President of the United States in real life. Just saying.

* * *

Griffey for President w/ L'il Penny — Nike: Speaking of other things I miss from the '90s ... (No, not L'il Penny or Penny Hardaway as an actual good basketball player. Nick Anderson.)

* * *

Ken Griffey Baseball — SNES: Is it just me or did every youth-oriented commercial from that time involve parents getting blasted away like George Wendt in Michael Jackson's Black and White video? I think they shot all of them in the same house, too. 

* * *

Ken Griffey Slugfest — N64: I have absolutely no recollection of this game and I can't tell if that's 30 Rock's Scott Adsit in the spot. Also, why do I have the sudden urge to go back to college and play 18 straight hours of Goldeneye?

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