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Garrett Jones(notes) and Delwyn Young(notes) never will get official credit for making this play, but they sure appeared to rob Randy Winn(notes) of a single in the Giants' 4-2 victory on Monday night.

Jones, already having an adventurous second inning by letting Andres Torres'(notes) fly ball get by him for a triple, sprinted in after Winn popped a short fly to right with two outs. Rather than catch the ball like a normal human being, Jones showed off by bobbling it and haki-saking it with his shin to Young, who flew in from nowhere to make a diving, bare-handed grab.

Here's the film, which reminds one of Pittsburgh's baseball version of Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception (only with much smaller ramifications, since these are the 2009 Pirates we're talking about). Follow the jump for a blurry frame-by-frame screen cap of the best catch not actually made that you might ever see.

Jones has it all of the way ...

No, he doesn't! But that's Young, not an infielder by trade, flying in to save the day.

The look on Jones' face seems to say that there's no way Young is going to hang on. Who does Young think he is, Dewayne Wise?

The replays show the ball never hitting the ground, but umpires couldn't believe their own eyes and said "no catch," which allowed a run to score.

Jones and Young, who broke several of the physical laws of the universe to make the play happen, did get some closure when Winn — who was credited with a single — was caught in a rundown and tagged out.

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