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Joe Buck would ‘happily step aside’ for Vin Scully in World SeriesA few weeks back, we gave the initial nudge to the online petition requesting that legendary announcer Vin Scully replace Joe Buck in the broadcast booth during this fall's World Series.

Not that the movement first founded by The Daily 'Stache needed much help. Within days, the story was seemingly everywhere and most everyone agreed that it'd be cool to give Scully a shot at calling his first Fall Classic on television since 1988.

How far has this petition gone? Far enough to reach the attention of Buck himself. Not only does the FOX Sports broadcaster like the idea, he'd be willing to step aside from his first World Series since 1996 if the 83-year-old Scully wants one last victory lap.

From the LA Daily News:

"Personally, I'd love it," Buck said the other day. "We've always toyed with the idea of having the hometown guy involved in a World Series broadcast. I'm from that camp. In my dad's era, we paid a nod of tribute to the greats. And there's no one like Vin, or close to Vin.

"I'd happily step aside to hear his voice (on the World Series). I would not fight that at all. That's just how I grew up."

As the son of the great Jack Buck, it's clear that Joe Buck respects his elders and the greats of baseball broadcasting. So good on him for not letting ego get in the way of a great idea and being open to the possibility.

Scully, however, has refrained from making a comment on the suggestion, perhaps hesitant to comment on an idea that, until now, existed in only the fancies of people who come up with far-fetched ideas on the Internet. Awful Announcing, though, has reached out to the people at FOX for a comment — and they're also aboard with the idea.

From Awful Announcing:

"As the son of the legendary Jack Buck, no one respects the history of baseball more than Joe, so it's no surprise that he'd be willing to share the World Series stage with Vin Scully, who like Jack, is one of the best that ever was.  Having Vin join Joe and Tim (McCarver) for a few innings during the World Series is definitely something we'd consider if it's something Vin would like to do."

The door really can't be opened any wider than that for Scully and considering that he won't actually be booting Buck from the booth, he can feel good about taking the network up on it. Perhaps he'd just like to head to vacation instead of experiencing the hubbub of a World Series — and that's certainly his right — but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that it's an offer Vin will happily accept.

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