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The baseball clubhouse has always been a sanctum for its players, an area of refuge that's immediately available whenever anyone reports to the park.

Well, unless the vice president of the United States wakes up one morning and decides he wants to make a spur-of-the-moment trip to hobnob with members of the opposing team.

Such was the case on Wednesday. That was when a few early arriving members of the Toronto Blue Jays weren't allowed inside their own clubhouse at Steinbrenner Field because the Secret Service was using it as a route to get Joe Biden onto the field for a meet-and-greet with members of the New York Yankees.

And while those five or so Blue Jays were eventually let into their workplace under the watchful eye of agents, the majority of the team was kept sitting inside a bus that was circling the stadium. The Associated Press reported that "authorities" would not allow the bus inside the complex, though it remains unclear if those authorities were employed by the Secret Service or the Yankees.

From The Toronto Star:

"We cannot let those players off in front of the building," someone shouted into an open walkie-talkie line. "(Yankees GM Brian) Cashman does NOT want that."

A lot of people were screaming into walkie-talkies all at once.

So the bus circled.

The Blue Jays eventually made it inside to the clubhouse, but not before Biden — a big Phillies fan, it should be noted — held about 30 minutes of court with Alex Rodriguez(notes) (who had requested a special audience), Mariano Rivera(notes) (pictured above) and other members of the Yankees.

No, it's not quite an international incident on par with the Canadian flag flying upside down during 1992 World Series. But figure that there were probably a few members of the Blue Jays who would have also liked the opportunity to meet the vice president.

Or at least get to work on time.

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