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When my DirecTV signal hit the skids during some Wednesday night storms, I wasn't too upset about missing Jerry Seinfeld's stint in the New York Mets broadcasting booth. I'm one of those guys who started to like "Seinfeld" less once Larry David's genius became readily apparent in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and I figured Seinfeld might resort to his old standup shtick (ie: "What is the deal with Cracker Jack? There's no cracker, no jack!").

But after reading a few good reviews on Twitter, I decided to fire up the old MLB.TV archive this morning and watch Seinfeld's 4 1/2 inning guest appearance with Mets announcers Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez during the Mets' 5-0 win over the Tigers. And I'm glad I did.

Seinfeld remarked early in his appearance that he wasn't a big fan of celebrities who come into the booth and never talk about the game. He backed that belief up, eschewing most "Seinfeld" talk to ask Hernandez good questions about the game and share his own personal history as a fan of the team. As a Citi Field luxury suite owner, Seinfeld says he attends about 30 games a year and it didn't take long to figure out he wasn't lying. He's a real fan.

I'd describe Seinfeld's gig as more enjoyable than funny — a nice change of pace during an otherwise routine midweek game in June — and have compiled some of his best quotes below. SNY and the Mets should really think about doing this again sometime.

... on why he's a Mets fan instead of a Yankees fan:

"I still enjoy the personality of the club. I don't think there's anything more fun than being a Mets fan. They have two world championships, but they're two of the greatest, most exciting ones that any team can have ... The team always has personality."

... on if his parents introduced him to his love of baseball:

"No, [they] never heard of the game, never came to the game. It was my cousin, Vic Albano, who brought me to my first game, a doubleheader with the Padres, and I met Sonny Ruberto. He was a fifth-string catcher." 

... on the absurdity of a company deciding to put their logo on the Citi Field tarp:

"Whenever fans are unhappy and disappointed and the game's interrupted, we want our logo up there."

... on Keith Hernadez's famous guest appearance on "Seinfeld" video:

"I was most excited to meet Keith Hernandez of anyone I ever met on the show. I wanted him to have a good experience. I was still in the glow of '86."

... on giving Hernandez his first big break in acting in front of the cameras:

"Just For Men wasn't even a glimmer in your eye."  

... on his public criticism of Lady Gaga's middle finger earlier this week video:

"I think it's fair to say that we're all big fans of Lady Gaga. Lame, out-of-it white guys in their mid-50s is her core audience. But I'm very protective of my Mets fans, I love my Mets fans and I did not like the finger. It was disrespectful ... a guest in our park ... I'm sure we'll all be bigger fans now that she's cursed us out. That's how it works."

... on what condition Seinfeld's luxury suite is in after Lady Gaga sat there:

"Everything's fine. We brought the bedbug dog in. What's his name? Rusty, the beagle? Now everything's clean."

... on an approaching commercial break:

"If you watch a team, you're going to watch the same commercials for nine months."

... on his favorite Mets moment, Endy Chavez's(notes) incredible catch in the '06 NLCS:

"I was with my friend Matthew Broderick and my wife. We literally jumped out of our seats. We couldn't believe he made the catch. I own (Chavez's) last Mets cap."

... on Jose Reyes'(notes) fifth-inning HR video:

"Yes! Jose Reyes cruising around third. Keith Hernandez is not liking this. Always whining about the Reyes homers. I love 'em! Always love a homer no matter who hits it ... Boom! You have got to love this."

... on his all-time favorite Met:

"Tommie Agee. I loved the way he played. Those two catches in the series. He was our Willie Mays. He had style and he had speed. He was an exciting ballplayer ... A cool-looking guy, too, he looked good in a uniform." 

 ... on his current favorite Mets players:

"David Wright's one of my favorites. David and Jose, that left side, there's a lot of mets fans here tonight for that left side of the infield. They're exciting, they're fun ... And I think this is their year, what do you think of that?"

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