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Another week, another politician-related sports mix-up.

This time it's Boston mayor Tom Menino getting all mush-mouth when speaking at the dedication of a new Bobby Orr statue outside the TD Garden.

"Boston has an amazing set of remarkable athletes whose actions in the moment have become ionic [sic] in sports. Havlicek stole the ball. Fisk waved the ball fair. Flutie launched the Hail Mary pass. Varitek split the uprights. Today we honor one of the most brilliant moments: Bobby Orr flying through the air."

OK, so it's not hard to see how Menino might have gotten Adam Vinatieri and the longtime Boston Red Sox catcher, whose name also starts with a 'V', confused.

Omitting the time that Tom Brady stole second, however, is simply inexcusable.

Check out video of Menino's speech below.

Big BLS H/N: Puck Daddy

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