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I love this screencap of Jason Heyward(notes) If he knows it's OK to towel off before conducting a six-minute meet 'n greet with the media, he's not letting on. Of course, the Braves rookie reported that Monday marked his first time as a cream pie victim, so maybe this is the truest case of ignorance being bliss. Braves fans think it's a good look for him.   

As you can imagine, there is a ton of Heyward-related material out on the Internet the day after he went yard in his first big league at-bat. The Hall of Very Good put together a list of 10 facts about Heyward's homer, including data on its distance and the strange fact that 21 of the 103 other players to hit a homer in their first plate appearance never went on to hit a second. Elsewhere, Ken Rosenthal christens the blast as the biggest moment of opening day, Talking Chop brings us multiple YouTube video from the grandstand and twoeightnine now has a sweet t-shirt for sale. Alex Remington will take 12.

Here's video of Heyward's postgamer, via Fanhouse video artist Knox Harrington Bardeen:

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