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When you're a left-handed masher like Jason Giambi, you're going to face your fair share of unjust booby traps right field shifts.

Heck, you're even going to fall into them a few times, like in Tuesday night's game against the Orioles in the bottom of the third.

So what do you do when you overcome your frustration at the injustice of it all and loop a single over that same infernal shift the next time you're at-bat?

Why, you flip Kevin Millar and Brian Roberts a Bronx Bombered bird as you reach first base.

YouTube has video of the play and ensuing middle finger (for now, at least) and it leaves little doubt as to what Giambi is doing or which digit is raised. I suppose there are some people out there that'll be offended and get all worked up over the whole thing ("Three-Finger Brown never would have done that ... Even though he could have!") but this honestly makes me like Giambi just a little bit more. I mean, who hasn't flipped a playful little and friendly bird in the heat of battle now and then?

Right, Kerry Wood?

A big BLS head nod goes to Mr. Irrelevant reader Steve Whitman for tipping us off.  

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Big League Stew

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