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Is this Cardinals fan racist or just stupid?

That's actually a terrible headline because it suggests the two are mutually exclusive.

Seriously, though, what the heck is this St. Louis Cardinals fan thinking? Even if he didn't intentionally misspell Nyjer Morgan's(notes) name so he could ignorantly wield it as a slur behind ESPN's set at Busch Stadium, he still took the time to make a sign and bring it to his team's World Series game so he could taunt a player who was a complete non-factor in the NLCS. Meanwhile, the fans around him lift a chant likening Morgan to a vacuum.

What am I missing here? I'd understand if the fan was taunting the Texas Rangers, who the Cards, you know, beat 3-2 on Wednesday night. Or even all the Chicago Cubs fans sitting at home because they're the other half of a historic, if lopsided, rivalry.

But Nyjer Morgan? The Milwaukee Brewers outfielder is baseball's equivalent of a buzzing gnat. Bothersome for a bit, but easily swatted away and forgotten about. Maybe Cards fans are still really upset about Morgan's tweets at the beginning of September. (And to be fair, Morgan's spelling skills are also about as good as his ability to filter. So perhaps this misspelling is just brilliant satire and got lost in translation.)

But for a franchise that has won 10 World Series championships and is three wins away from its 11th, you'd think that Morgan would already be dismissed and forgotten about.

To this ill-informed fan and his chanting brethren, I suggest they follow the advice of another Internet superstar with roots in Cardinals fandom.

Is this Cardinals fan racist or just stupid?

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