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I was half-listening to ESPN's Cold Pizza First Take this morning when they started talking about Manny Ramirez and the fact that his first official "Manny being Manny" act in Los Angeles will be to wear No. 99 for the Dodgers.

Only I'm not so sure I can call it a stone-cold fact. I've spent at least more than an hour looking for confirmation and a link on this (what an excellent waste of time), only to come away empty-handed.

But since the Dodgers' No. 24 is retired for Walter Alston, Manny will have to select a new number. He can't switch the number and select No. 42 because it's retired league-wide for Jackie Robinson. He can't add the digits and get '6' because it belongs to Joe Torre. He can't divide by 2 by 4 because I'm pretty sure MLB won't issue .5 to any player but especially one who might actually be giving that same amount of effort.

I guess that leaves Manny free to select any number he wants, though I'm officially going on the record as saying No. 99 is a terrible choice and not only because it's a baseball number for bat boys. Want to wear No. 99 and play in L.A.? Yeah, your name better be Wayne Gretzky.

UPDATE: Here's a link that recaps what I half-heard from a LA Times writer on First Take. 

Follow the jump find Meech's #99 creation from the jersey store.

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