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A few weeks ago, I went through the characters of The Office and figured out which baseball teams they'd likely be rooting for. Following that tradition, Dennis Velasco of At The Dish checks in with a similar look at his favorite show ...  

If you're like me, you love the ABC hit show, "Lost.” Hopefully for you, all comparisons to me end there.  In any case, I was writing an essay about baseball last Thursday night, but had to stop when “10:00” appeared on my cable box.

I turned on “Lost, “ punched the air in reaction to certain scenes, yelled at the television for showing too many commercials and took comfort in getting some answers for questions put forth in previous episodes.  (Smoke monster!)

After that, I returned to my computer to continue writing my essay when it hit me: If MLB personnel were male “Lost” characters, which ones would they be?

BLS would again like to thank Dennis Velasco for his contributions and would like to advise him to DVR the show for a happy, commercial-free existence.

Read more of his writing at his website, At The Dish.

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