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I'm not the most squeamish of people, yet for some reason these photos of Hideki Okajima (left) and Javier Lopez from over the weekend made me put down my turkey wrap lunch for a little bit so I could compose myself. Since I'm a fellow southpaw, I'm also feeling a few aches in my pitching arm. 

Okajima's windup is obviously more unsightly. Here's my favorite description of his delivery, from's Eric Gillin:

His signature windup — a violent chain reaction of elbows and knees that looks like something out of a Peanuts cartoon — is so powerful that he's not even looking at the plate when he releases the ball, like a shot-putter. It's so jarring, respected veteran players warned children not to pitch like him, fearing that emulation will result in a generation of kids with dislocated shoulders.

Do these pictures cause phantom pains in anyone else?

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