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Now this is rich.

As Adam Rubin notes, Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez(notes) was in his native Venezuela on Thursday for a softball game that included appearances from Elvis Andrus(notes), Dave Concepcion ... and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

And as if the Mets fans needed any more reason to worry about the coming season, K-Rod gave up 11 runs over three innings of work against the team headed by the controversial politician.

From the Associated Press:

"Chavez wore a jacket bearing the image of Venezuela's flag as he walked onto the diamond for a pre-game ceremony. He presented the major leaguers with a medal of honor named after Venezuelan independence hero Francisco de Miranda.

"The president then pitched two innings and allowed seven runs ... Chavez's team won 14-12."

You know what this means, right? The Mets are clearly doomed!

OK, not really — I'd let Chavez win, too — but I do wonder why those two (above) are wearing the same uniform if they're playing on opposite teams. Maybe it's some weird South American tradition I don't know about. Maybe the account of the Venezuelan AP guy was lost in translation. Or maybe the other uniforms just got lost.

At any rate, because I'm the type of person who still giggles when he sees shots of Fidel Castro on the diamond, a few pics of Chavez in action can be found below.

Looking tough, Hugo!:

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