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Jon Miller's impressive resume includes calling games for the A's, Rangers, Red Sox, Orioles, Giants and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball games since 1990.

Now it'll also include the Hall of Fame.

The 59-year-old broadcaster was declared the winner of this year's Ford C. Frick award on Monday afternoon. His distinctive voice will give a speech alongside Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, umpire Doug Harvey and writer Bill Madden in Cooperstown this July.

Good for Miller. Big BLS head nod for that.

Despite his practice of what @royalsreview describes as the "aggressively correct pronunciation" of Hispanic names and his Sunday night pairing with Joe Morgan, I've always mostly enjoyed Miller's work. It's clear that baseball is his first love, his delivery is precise and he's great at telling a story when not trying to cram it in between Morgan's ramblings.

Perhaps most importantly, Miller never makes himself the story and he's great at keeping us updated on the details we want to know. You know, like the score and number of outs. He announces playoff baseball on ESPN Radio and if I were able to make it sync with the television, I'd be listening to him over Joe Buck the entire month of October. 

At the same time, I was surprised that the Twitter reaction to Miller's election was so divisive. I had no idea people felt so strongly about Miller the other way and it inspired me to resurrect Deadspin's old Media Approval Ratings shtick and conduct a poll.

Do you like listening to Jon Miller announce a baseball game? Why or why not? 

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