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Here's some bad news for Eazy-E, Dr. Dre and all the other rappers who worked so hard to put a Chicago White Sox cap onto the head of every southern California miscreant in the early '90s: Complex reports that Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds caps are the two sports hats that are most affiliated with America's gang members in the year 2010.

The crown on Tommy Lasorda's head ranks No. 1 for its color coordination with blue-based Crips while the Pete Rose's Cincy 'C' is listed second because it's favored by the rival Bloods. If those explanations seem a bit simplistic, please consider the braindead clotheshorses we're talking about here. 

I'm not sure if the website's staffers waded into the middle of gunfire to conduct this survey or what, but also included in Complex's top 10 are the Houston Astros (6), Detroit Tigers (7), Minnesota Twins (8) and Oakland Athletics (10). The White Sox and New York Yankees are nowhere to be found, though usual suspects like the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Kings made the cut.

As an aside, my middle school made us take a gang awareness course back in the day and the police officer in charge of teaching it said we should never wear Indiana University clothing  because a local gang had adopted it. The thought of young ruffians wearing Bob Knight's Hoosier red sweaters and the players' candy-striped warmup pants immediately went through my mind and tickled my fancy, but it turned out that the gang members weren't wearing those items. They just liked the pitchfork that the interlocking IU logo forms.

I then asked the police officer if  the old Mariners logo was being worn for similar reasons, but he said that no gang member would dare challenge the territory of Gaylord Perry.*

(Maybe those gang members weren't so dumb after all.)

*Q&A may not have happened exactly as remembered.

Big BLS H/N: @MattSebek, Deadspin

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