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Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins(notes) has decided to enter the music business with someone he can see eye to eye with. Not only financially, but maybe even literally.

Rollins (above, right) recently purchased a portion of the publishing rights to a few songs, including a stake in "Eenie Meenie," a tune by fellow pint-sized phenom Justin Bieber (above, left) and Sean Kingston (not pictured). He also owns part of a song by Snoop Dogg. 

Now, it might seem like a pro ballplayer would know about as much about publishing rights as Bieber knows baseball. But Rollins is actually well versed in a field he hopes to use as another moneymaking route once his playing days are done.

Sounds like we might have a future Bruce Dickinson on our hands.  

From Todd Zolecki's ZoZo Zone:

Question: So you just bought the publishing rights to a Justin Bieber song?

Answer: Yes, Justin Bieber.

Question: Like, the whole song?

Answer: Not 100 percent of the publishing rights, but writers come up and they need money because when you do a song, a song goes out in January, you might not see money for six months, seven months, because it has to go all around the world. And then you've got the governing bodies, BMI, ASCAP, they have to check baseball stadiums, football stadiums, radio stations, TV shows, movies, all these things they have to check around the world before money is in the pipeline. So writers obviously might need an advance to get through some rough times, you make some phone calls and see if anything is available, I've got 5 percent, 10 percent of a song.

You might laugh at Rollins' investment, but if there's a sure thing in the entertainment industry it's that there will always be a limitless supply of preteen girls who will want to buy "music" from your conveyor-belt built Tiger Beat heartthrob.

I just hope we don't receive a bill for embedding the song below. My codger self wouldn't pay a plugged nickel for subjecting you to this racket of nonsense. 

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