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Remember that scene in Home Alone, the one where Catherine O'Hara is in the airport, realizes that they've left l'il Mac Culkin behind and then passes out?

Yeah, I had a similar reaction upon learning that the Orioles and Rays wouldn't open their season in St. Pete until tonight at Tropicana Field.

Except, of course, that I yelled "Evan!" instead of O'Hara's high-pitched "Kevin!"

Really, am I the only one who finds it weird that fans in Baltimore and Tampa Bay were the only ones forced to wait until 28 teams completed their openers before they got to kick off their schedules?

I mean, it's a little like telling one of your kids that he can't open his toys on Christmas morning.

And considering that other games will be played during the Rays' and Orioles' opening night, it's also like giving more gifts to your other kids once you let the slighted one open his original  presents.

As far as I can tell, there was no real good reason to delay the opener a day — it's not as if KISS was playing Tropicana Field, nor will this let the game be nationally televised — but it did give the Rays some extra time to sell the game out.

It's probably not the biggest deal in the whole scheme of things and I'm one of the only ones who really seems to care, but it's not something I'd let happen if I were commissioner. Not only is it a bit of a downer for fans, it robs some of the game's better young stars, including Matt Wieters(notes) and Evan Longoria(notes), of the opportunity to put up good performances when the national spotlight is shining brightest. 

Seeing as how I feel a bit bad for both squads, let's try and pay them a little more attention this afternoon. Dempseys Army has five reasons why watching the 2010 Orioles squad will be better than watching the 2009 team, while Longoria talks about being included in the MVP discussion and his strange insistence on wearing the same pants and socks all year long. 

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