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In three different instances Saturday, a player experienced the scariest part of major league baseball:

Being hit in the head with the ball.

Mets slugger David Wright(notes), Dodgers right-hander Hiroki Kuroda(notes) and Rangers infielder Ian Kinsler(notes) each suffered a beaning on the same day and each is in a different state of recovery.

Wright and Kuroda have been released from respective hospitals, though Wright's status for the rest of the season is in doubt. Kinsler's injury wasn't serious enough to require hospitalization and he was back in the lineup Sunday, hitting a home run in the Rangers' 4-3 victory against the Red Sox.

All of the injuries looked scary as heck.

Mets manager Jerry Manuel says Wright "possibly" could miss the rest of the season after being hit with a pitch just above the ear hole of the batting helmet by San Francisco's Matt Cain(notes).

• Wright's beaning on video.

Strangely, or perhaps not because it's the Mets as Newsday's Ken Davidoff points out, they placed Wright on the 15-day disabled list Sunday night because of a headache and other post-concussion symptoms. By waiting a few hours, they left themselves two men short (Alex Cora(notes) also unavailable) for Sunday's 3-2 victory against the Giants.

The recovery of Kuroda, who was beaned with a line drive hit by Arizona's Rusty Ryal(notes), continues to amaze the Dodgers, who feared much worse when ball met head.

"We are unbelievably, pleasantly surprised by the lack of symptoms he has," Dodgers trainer Stan Conte said.

Kuroda says he feels "lucky to be alive" and even though he is presumed to have a concussion, he also was cleared to fly home on the Dodgers charter.

• Kuroda's beaning on video.

Kuroda said he "had" a minor headache and still gets slightly dizzy when standing up. Kuroda's next start isThursday — and he's doubtful as more tests are planned.

Kinsler exchanged words with Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek(notes) after being plunked in the shoulder and helmet by right-hander Fernando Cabrera(notes), but cooled off later. Still, one can see why it might be a bit perturbing.

• Kinsler's beaning on video.

"It's just something that's scary," Kinsler said. "You never want to be a part of something like that. You're not thinking it's intentional or unintentional in the process. Me and Varitek had words, we had a chance to talk later and put it behind us."

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