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Hazing! These are not the Rockies rookies you’re looking for

When Colorado Rockies rookies learned that the theme of 2011's hazing ritual would be "Star Wars" costumes, I'm assuming they were pretty excited. No Smurfs and their messy blue paint! No Hooters waitresses and wasting money on Nair!

Of course, I'm also guessing they likely forgot about the Princess Leia bikini option. Or that Denver Post reporter Troy Renck would be nearby to record their reaction. Or that Jason Giambi(notes) (far right) has a bit of a Han Solo complex with that leather jacket, making the flight to San Francisco an awkward one. ("Sorry about the mess.")

Reports Renck:

Jordan Pacheco(notes), Wilin Rosario(notes) and Rex Brothers(notes) will wish they grew up in a time without internet and Twitter. They were dressed as Princess Leia slaves. Rookies Alex White(notes) and Drew Pomeranz(notes) where forced to wear white after Labor Day, outfitted in snug Princess Leia dresses. Edgmer Escalona(notes) as Chewbaca was well cast. Pat Burgess, the team's first-year bullpen catcher, was an X-Wing Fighter Pilot, looking more cool than crazy.

In the end, the entire group was lucky that Troy Tulowitzki(notes) didn't show up dressed as Bib Fortuna. Or that the front office didn't encase them in carbonite until spring training.

I have now exhausted all of my favorite "Star Wars" references. May the force be with you.

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