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Roy Halladay(notes) spent most of the 2010 season completely dissolving the suspense from many of the games he started for the Philadelphia Phillies, his new team in the National League.

As a reward, Doc was able to perform a similar surgical extraction on the NL Cy Young vote on Tuesday, taking home the second such award of his career with an unanimous total of 32 first-place votes. The honor makes Halladay only the fifth pitcher in baseball history to win a Cy Young award in both leagues and only the 13th to horde all the first-place votes for himself. St. Louis' Adam Wainwright(notes) finished second, followed by Colorado's Ubaldo Jimenez(notes), Atlanta's Tim Hudson(notes) and Florida's Josh Johnson(notes).

At this point, I'm not sure how many more odes we can write to Halladay, who was already on track for the Hall of Fame before a campaign that featured a 21-10 record, a 2.70 ERA, a perfect game in Miami and the added cherry of only the second postseason no-hitter in history. As you might be able to tell by my headline, I was thinking about rewriting some Led Zeppelin lyrics in tribute.  But "Hats Off To Roy Harper" makes it a tough go, so you'll instead have to settle for the below video of a man singing a co-opted Madonna song. 

Though the camera angle might suggest that he was kidnapped by Meech or Zoo With Roy and forced to perform to a pro-Phillies song, this tune appears completely voluntary.

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