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Baseball announced its 2011 schedules on Tuesday and it again caused me to wonder why the league doesn't save the release for a random November day so we can make an event of it.

After all, MLB would get another day of headlines and there would still be plenty of time to sell season ticket packages. The NFL, NHL and NBA all do it this way. 

When I was done with my annual shake of the head over how much sense that would make, my common sense was assaulted with the following headline:

"Cubs to play at Fenway for first time in Almost 100 Years"

My initial impulse was that such a claim couldn't possibly be true. While I had no specific recollection of the Chicago Cubs playing in Boston, surely they must have made a trip in 14 previous rounds of interleague play. I mean, if you can't make a point to match up two of the sport's biggest teams in one of its most hallowed cathedrals, why are we even doing this?

But it really turns out to be true and the Cubs' voyage to Fenway to play the Boston Red Sox from May 20-22, 2011 will be the team's first since the 1918 World Series. It'll leave Oakland as the only American League city that Chicago has yet to visit in interleague play.

It'll also leave the Los Angeles Dodgers never playing the Yankees in New York — despite having held two series at Dodger Stadium — as interleague's biggest head scratcher.

So which other teams will be filling holes or maintaining them on their interleague resumes? I turned to Baseball-Reference's head-to-head matchup generator to find out:

• The St. Louis Cardinals are one of two other teams with two AL cities that haven't been visited: Baltimore and Anaheim. Luckily, they'll get to play the former St. Louis Browns at Camden Yards from June 28-30. 

• The Milwaukee Brewers are the other, but will finally travel to Yankee Stadium from June 28-30, leaving Seattle as their only unchecked spot.  (The Brewers also will host Tampa Bay for the first time from June 20-22.) 

• The Cincinnati Reds will also get to check Camden Yards off their list from June 24-26.

• The Houston Astros will finally travel to Toronto on May 20-22, leaving the San Diego Padres as the only team to never play the Blue Jays in Canada. 

• A few teams will have to wait at least one more year to slap the final sticker on their suitcases. They are:

Atlanta Braves to Kansas City
Minnesota Twins to Atlanta
Chicago White Sox to New York
Los Angeles Dodgers to New York
Oakland Athletics to Milwaukee
Tampa Bay Rays to Los Angeles
Texas Rangers to St. Louis

• Finally, here are the teams that have been, as Johnny Cash would say, everywhere, man: Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Colorado, Detroit, Florida, Kansas City, Los Angeles (AL), New York (AL), New York (NL), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington/Montreal.

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