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It was hard to look at Target Field on Tuesday night and not wonder if the ballpark's tractors could be equipped with those golf ball picker-upper things.

Indeed, the entire outfield looked like a driving range on a busy weekend afternoon when a hail storm moved into the Twin Cities and caused a 64-minute delay during the Detroit Tigers' 10-2 win over the Minnesota Twins.

The wild weather, of course, had everyone scrambling for cover. And once there, they marveled at the huge chunks of ice that were dropping out of the skies and onto the field.

From FOX Sports North:

The Twins players remained in the dugout during the delay, and many enjoyed the show put on by Mother Nature. Right fielder Michael Cuddyer(notes), infielder Alexi Casilla(notes) and other players picked up the large pieces of hail that fell into the dugout. Some security guards on the field opted to wear helmets borrowed from the Twins players to protect themselves.

"They braved it and actually stood out there on the field, which I wouldn't have done. . . . It was pretty crazy," second baseman Luke Hughes(notes) said. "It started off with little ones, kind of a bit of a laugh, and then all of a sudden it turned into golf ball-sized. The boys said they hadn't seen that up here in Minnesota for a long time."

Said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire:

"I think maybe in Oklahoma one time or another, we might have had some of those. I haven't seen that come down here too often like that. That was a first in the big leagues."

I'm sure the comments are about to be filled with "this wouldn't have happened at the Metrodome!" remarks. And while that's technically true, it's not as if every game at the beautiful new park has been an apocalyptic scene straight out of the Book of Revelation. Tuesday night's hail break was the first in-game delay of 2011, while the first rain delay of 2010 — the stadium's first year — didn't occur until May 25.

Here are two cool videos of the hail falling at Target Field:

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