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Tiger Woods redefined the way golfers should look. NFL teams want their head coaches to look more like Mike Tomlin and less like Andy Reid. Heck, even poker players believe that being in better shape will increase one's odds at the table. Yes, the sports gut is a dying breed. 

Luckily, we have baseball as one of the lone celebrants of the majesty that is a well-formed belly. Here is the second edition of Gut Check Time, which addresses a complaint lodged against the inaugural run: Not enough players were featured. Well, all four of the above bellies were taken in action on the field and not while they were managing in the dugout or accepting some sort of award for lifetime service.

Stomachs are presented in increasing order of difficulty.

A couple of clues: #3 is now retired and #4 no longer plays in the uniform he's wearing.  

UPDATE: Click here for answers.

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