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We're all different.

Some of us like to swear when the dog poops on the couch. Some of us like to swear after being cut off on a crowded freeway. Some of us like to swear after a dealer pulls a five on a 16. Some of us like to swear for no reason at all. 

Rays reliever Grant Balfour, though, enjoys swearing at a moment that many of us can never achieve — right after blowing a fastball past an opponent.

Did you know that a foul mouth was Balfour's preferred punctuation? No? Well, neither did Chicago's Orlando Cabrera, which led to this heated exchange with Balfour (who looks like a dead ringer for John Rocker in the above photo) during Tampa Bay's 6-4 victory on Thursday.

If you're looking for a clubhouse leader for the most entertaining game-within-the-game at-bat during this postseason — Balfour ended up King Cabrera —  it'd be had to find one better.

From the Tampa Tribune:

Orlando Cabrera: "They said that he always gets pumped up like that, he always says the F-word to the hitter every time they swing at his pitch. I didn't know that, so I just got mad a little bit and I was just pumped up."

Grant Balfour: "All year, I fire myself up, and that's what I do. That's what I've been doing all year long, and I haven't changed anything and I'm not going to change. That's what I like to do when I pitch."

Dioner Navarro (Rays catcher): "He's been like that the whole year and that's what I was trying to tell Cabrera - 'Hey, he's been like that the whole year, he wasn't even talking to the hitter, he wasn't even talking to nobody.'"

I know that FOX is scared to death of the Rays reaching the World Series and bringing the ratings to Cop Rock-like levels. But when one of the team's reliever seems like he's straight out of Major League and doing for the expletive what Monica Seles did for the grunt, doesn't that have to be worth a few ratings points? At the very least, it's worth a few laughs.

Maybe a few well-placed !@%#!#%s, too

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