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I thought Curtis Granderson(notes) might be pretty jazzed about starting his Yankee career with a homer in his first AB and earning a trademark home run call from radio broadcaster John Sterling.

"Something sort of grandish!" yelled the bombastic Sterling as Granderson's second inning home run cleared the center field fence at Fenway Park.  

Alas, our Big League Stew blogging buddy ended up more focused on the way he finished the game than the way he began it. The Yankees center fielder also made the last out in the 9-7 loss to the Red Sox, grounding out to third off Jonathan Papelbon. 

And that home run call? Well, it's a reference to a Broadway play from 1947. 


"The [thing] that's going to be remembered is the fact that I didn't come through at the end of the game," Granderson said.

Sad trombone, yes, but there wasn't reason to be that glum. There are still 161 more games left this season and it's not as if beginning your time in a Bomber uni with a home run is anything to sneeze at. Only 22 other Yankees have hit a homer in their first pinstriped at-bat. Cody Ransom in 2008 was the last player.

At any rate, with a full count and two outs in the top of the second, Granderson belted a Josh Beckett pitch over Fenway Park's center field fence.  It immediately followed Jorge Posada's homer, also a solo shot, and gave New York an early 2-0 lead. Watch it here.

Granderson, of course, wouldn't have become an official Yankee without a completely bizarre home run call from Sterling and the announcer didn't disappoint. The quip he used to describe the blast had all of us scratching our heads until writer Pete Caldera clued us in on Twitter.

"It's a reference to a song from 'Finian's Rainbow.'"

Yup, Sterling just did what he does best and grabbed a line from a musical that hit Broadway more than 60 years ago and involves "a bigoted southern Senator, a credit crisis, a pesky leprechaun and, of course, a complicated love affair that gives birth to some of the most witty, charming and heartfelt songs ever written for the stage."

Uh, yeah. You can check out the song "Something Sort of Grandish" here.

Then you can tell me if an alternate possibility of "Yankee Doodle Grandy!" suddenly sounds a lot better.

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