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When it comes to baseball's difficult-to-spell last names, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Justin Duchscherer(notes) owns a mine field on par with Jarrod Saltalamacchia(notes), Alex Anthopoulos, Doug Mientkiewicz(notes) and Mr. Scrabble himself, Marc Rzepczynski(notes). Try and spell any of their names off the top of your head and most people are just asking for trouble. 

The latest victim of these notorious mouthfuls? The Orioles' team tailor, who welcomed Duchscherer to spring training (and the team) with a misspelled jersey that omits the second 'C'. The above picture of Duchscherer with Hall of Famer Jim Palmer was taken on Feb. 17 and was spotted by our eagle-eyed friend on Twitter, @spacemnkymafia.

UPDATE: @B_MoreFanatic was on the scene first.

Whether or not anyone else has noticed remains unclear. There was no mention of the inaccuracy from the team's beat writers and we haven't seen any pictures of the Duke after Thursday.

So, a lot of questions remain: Was Duchscherer just grateful that the O's are giving him a chance after a few injury-filled seasons in Oakland and decided to roll with it without saying anything? Was the equipment guy saving himself from the possibility of Carpal tunnel syndrome with a shortcut? Was he more concerned with not making a "San Francicso"-type snafu? Is Baltimore's budget that tight after the Vladimir Guerrero(notes) signing? Are the O's trying to become more like their neighbors, the Washington "Natinals?"

Ah, we kid. It's really spring training for everyone. Let's get all the kinks worked out now.

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