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Quick: What does an ice hockey rink, Yahoo! Answers and Bill Mazeroski's World Series walkoff all have in common?

They all play a large role in a nice end-of-the-week story in Friday's Newark Star-Ledger that'll leave you feeling just a little bit better about the youth of America.

I'd encourage all of you to click over and read the entire story, but the CliffsNotes version goes like this: Merrill Hess, a former Pittsburgh Pirates scout who's now 83, recently lost the ring he was awarded after the Bucs won the 1960 World Series.

He wasn't quite sure where he had misplaced it, but it turned up when 11-year-old Kate Drury found it on the floor of a snack bar at a New Jersey ice rink. She immediately alerted the rink manager of the find, but no one showed up to claim it. (Hess was thinking he might have left it in Florida while on vacation.)

A curious Kate then posted a question about the ring on Yahoo! Answers, which led to Hess' daughter Arlan finding her through an Internet search. The two parties soon connected and Kate was only too happy to return the jewelry to its rightful owner.     

From the Star-Ledger:

Kate gave Hess the ring, and Hess gave Kate a check, a gift certificate and an autographed photograph from the 1960 series.

"That ring could have paid for her freshman year in college," Arlan Hess added. "This was a little girl doing the right thing, that says a lot about her parents, and the world they want her to live in."

All in all, a very cool story and we'd like to give a big Big League Stew head nod to Kate Drury for passing up on keeping the ultimate conversation piece and ultimately fixing the broken heart that Hess said he had upon realizing he had lost his ring.  

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