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Henry Yu really did it. As he promised, Yu spent $1,050 the way any loyal San Francisco Giants fan with means would spend it. He hired an airplane to fly over Dodger Stadium while pulling a sign that said "DODGERS STILL SUCK — FROM SF CHAMPS FANS!"

A bed sheet and spray paint could have said the same thing and been much cheaper, but it wouldn't have been as spectacular.

Yu grew up in San Francisco but lives in Southern California, and he was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News as saying he has received plenty of abuse from Los Angeles Dodgers fans over the years. The Giants winning a World Series in 2010 finally gave him the confidence to stop turning the other cheek.

With two other planes carrying messages, the Goodyear blimp overhead and a B-2 bomber also making an appearance over Chavez Ravine, it's possible that Yu's plane got lost in the air traffic.

And then there was the matter of the Giants making three errors and Clayton Kershaw(notes) outdueling Tim Lincecum(notes) in a 2-1 loss to the Dodgers. But Yu makes it sound like he got his money's worth.

"I always heard the same thing from Dodger fans: 'How many World Series titles do you have?' " Yu said.


"This is for all the Giants fans like me," Yu said, "who've taken so much verbal abuse over the years."

CNS Bay Area captured a brief video of the plane's flight.

Yu's flyby, which began about two hours before the game, was preceded by the preemptive flyby of an another airplane that carried a sign saying: "LA 5, SF 1, GO DODGERS," which refers to the number of World Series won by both teams since they moved west in 1958.

I've heard of wacky morning DJs pulling stunts like this, but not individuals. Hopefully, we'll see an escalation: A Cubs fan renting a blimp to flash signs at Albert Pujols(notes), asking him to sign with Chicago; a Red Sox fan buying a sign on the Green Monster taunting Alex Rodriguez(notes) about where he was last night.

Henry Yu might have started something epic.

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