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Was Tuesday jump-the-gun night in Boston?

After a 6-4 loss to the Yankees, the Red Sox media began writing a slew of stories wondering whether it was time to bench David Ortiz(notes) after he started the season 0-for-7 at the plate.

In turn, Big Papi answered the postgame questioning with a profane comeback normally reserved for the end of a bad road trip during the dog days of August.

Here's what Ortiz said, via the Globe:

"[Expletive] happens. Then you guys talk [expletive]. Two [expletive] games already. You [expletives] going crazy. What's up with that, man? [Expletive]. There's 160 games left. Ain't that a [expletive]."

Welcome to opening week at Fenway Park, everyone!

Ortiz is right — it certainly is a (expletive) that the Red Sox have played only two games. I mean, can you imagine what this hysteria is going to sound like if Ortiz puts together a start like he did last season, when he hit .230 in April, followed it up with a .143 mark in May and didn't go yard until May 20?

Ortiz is also right, of course, to bristle about the small sample size he's being criticized for, but he also has to know he put himself into this position with his play from 2009. Criticism from the press — no matter how small the sample size or the timing of it — has to be expected and acting cranky out of the gate isn't going to help Ortiz's cause at all.

One final thought: I've been semi-surprised that Ortiz's declining skills at the plate, his previous admitted use of "supplements and vitamins" and his not being sure if he ever took steroids haven't been linked in the media more often. If his struggles continue, maybe that's a wall we'll soon see torn down.

This has the potential to get a lot uglier.

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