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I know Alex Remington was just writing on how Derrek Lee(notes) has been prone to injury the past few years, but this is ridiculous.

According to manager Lou Piniella, Lee had just sat down for some pregame chow on Wednesday when the clubhouse chair beneath him decided to call it quits.

The Cubs first baseman dusted himself off for an appearance in an exhibition game against the Rangers, but he left early to receive treatment for his 34-year-old back. 

From the Chicago Tribune:

"He was eating before the game and the chair just collapsed on him," Piniella said. "That's why we got him out of there after three innings."

Piniella said Lee was fine and would be back in the starting lineup Friday.

To blatantly steal a joke from Lookout Landing, you're a loser if you had former Mariner Carlos Silva(notes) in your Cubs chair breaking pool. The newly-svelte Carlos Zambrano(notes) and Geovany Soto(notes), too.

The sad part is that if Lee comes back on Friday, this won't rank very highly on the list of recent Cubs' freak injuries. Those candidates would include Sammy Sosa(notes) sneezing his way out of the lineup, Carlos Zambrano emailing his elbow out, Kerry Wood(notes) slipping near a hot tub, Alfonso Soriano(notes) hopping his way to an MRI and Ryan Dempster(notes) breaking his toe while jumping out of the dugout to celebrate. 

Some of those — and more — are detailed in an old post we did on other freak baseball injuries. It's clearly a jungle out there for some of these guys.

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