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It seems like only yesterday that Tiger Woods was joining Frank and Jamie McCourt in the owner's box for a few laughs, a couple of Dodger Dogs and some hot 2008 MLB postseason action. 

A year-and-half later, that trio exists on separate isles of controversy with Frank now thanking his lucky stars that Tiger's hot extramarital action got TMZ off his own back.

From McCourt's interview with Bob Nightengale in today's USA Today:

McCourt's voice never wavers in his first in-depth interview this spring, showing a resolve that he will not only endure but also prevail through the most turbulent time of his personal life.

"It's tough. I'm not going to lie to you," he says. "It's a very, very sad thing. Nobody wants to go through this privately, never mind publicly.

"But in L.A., so much of it is about drama. L.A. is so much about personalities. It's just how the city functions. This is a juicy story for people until it's not juicy anymore. Then, they move on to somebody else's story.

"Tiger Woods was fantastic for me."

Wow, did Tiger refuse to pick up any of the beers that night or something? This is just a hunch, but I'm guessing they won't going to be filling out any more, uh, foursomes. Even if Jamie is suggesting that Frank owns a wandering eye like Tiger does/did.

Elsewhere in the interview, McCourt says that the Dodger divorce "is not San Diego." And I'd have to say that he's probably right. Former Padres owners John and Becky Moores weren't anywhere near this public with their bickering as they allowed a competitive team to crumble under the weight of their dispute. 

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