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Fox’s Greta Van Susteren begs Donald Trump to buy DodgersGreta Van Susteren of Fox News interviewed Donald Trump for her "On The Record" show Wednesday night, and they ended the conversation by talking about the Los Angeles Dodgers. Basically, she begged The Donald to buy them.

Trump? Wouldn't Mark Cuban be more fun? Regardless, after a solid nine minutes discussing Herman Cain and President Barack Obama and the state of all of that, Van Susteren asked Trump if he were interested in buying the Dodgers, which Frank McCourt is at last selling.

If he wants a piece of the action, Trump might have to fight off — or join — the likes of Steve Garvey and Orel Hershiser, or former owner Peter O'Malley. All of them reportedly are interested in bidding.

Van Susteren has been fixated on this topic for the past 48 hours or so, earlier putting forth the noble, if far-fetched idea of having the Los Angeles community buy the Dodgers — like Green Bay owning the Packers. Well, short of that, how about Trump? He's got money, a high profile, chutzpah and owning experience in sports — in the USFL, namely.

To start, Trump gave a long-winded response, saying there's "always interest" because "honestly, it's a great asset, it really is, it's a great asset. I love baseball." And he loves Bud Selig, whom he called a "great commissioner." And even though Trump ended his initial reply with a "probably not" bottom line, Van Susteren — a former litigator — kept hammering away:

Any interest at all? Would you be interested in buying a portion of the Dodgers, or are you totally out of this one?

Fox’s Greta Van Susteren begs Donald Trump to buy Dodgers

"Well, I might. I've had a lot of groups call me and, you know, they want to bid on it and they want me to go into it, because I do understand baseball and I'm in a position where I can afford to do that kind of thing.

"It's traditionally never been a good asset, or a good thing to own, because they lose money, but then when you sell them, you make a profit. You know, it's one of those things. I would certainly be interested in listening. There's some groups that I really like, and I would certainly be interested in listening."

Well, is it a great asset, or isn't it? Maybe, like the volatile stock and commodities markets, it changes from moment to moment. And Trump obviously understands baseball — notice how invested he is throwing the first pitch in the photo above. Guy was on a mission. Well, after trying her "Green Bay" scenario on The Donald, Van Susteren pulled out her secret weapon: the Chinese. As has been reported, a group that includes investors from mainland China offered McCourt $1.2 billion in cash for the team.

I bet I could get you to buy them. What if the Chinese wanted to buy them?

"Then I might buy them. Then I might buy them. Absolutely. It's like this: it's like when the New York Stock Exchange gets sold to the Germans. This is a pretty sad day for this country, and that already took place."

Was it over when the Germans bought the NYSE?

Trump also went on tangents about how Game 6 of the World Series might have been the best World Series game he ever saw, and how he differs with his "friend" Tony La Russa (man, he's got a great Rolodex) on retirement. Why quit, Tony, when you could have signed "this huge contract"? Always with the bottom line in mind, The Donald.

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