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Food Fail: This awful Rally Squirrel cake really steps in it

ST. LOUIS — You knew that the explosion in the Rally Squirrel's popularity would lead to some rushed and crappy efforts to capitalize on the phenomenon before the end of the St. Louis Cardinals' magical postseason run to the World Series. But this hot mess of a creation above?

Yeah, that really takes the, uh, cake. I'm not sure which grocery store or bakery around town pinched this out and slapped a $4.19 price tag on it, but it clearly looks way more suitable for flushing than feeding.

I don't want to pooh-pooh all the baking efforts here in St. Louis, though. The Riverfront Times has a post containing some squirrel-related foodstuffs that look infinitely more delicious. All the better to consume after a long, hard day of squirrel taxidermy, of course.

Big BLS H/N: Cake Wrecks

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