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A fracas at Fenway! A brawl in Beantown! Porcello pounces! Youk yanked!

Whatever your headline, the Tuesday night altercation between Boston's Kevin Youkilis(notes) and Detroit's Rick Porcello(notes) during the Red Sox's 7-5 win over the Tigers was about as entertaining as it gets for a no-punch fight.

Upset about being hit for the second time in Boston and Detroit's brewing brouhaha  — say that 10x fast — Youkilis charged the 20-year-old Porcello in the second inning and turned his helmet into a missile like a modern-day Richie Sexson or Mike Sweeney

Youk then embraced the Tigers pitcher in a not-so-friendly bearhug and appeared destined to bury the Tigers pitcher six feet under the Fenway Park mound. However, Porcello used his best defense skills — no doubt gleaned from last weekend's UFC 101 — to perform a lateral takedown as both benches cleared and the assembled crowd of chowdaheads demanded blood.

No doubt the incident was a long time coming, as the AP details with a little background:

"The hostilities had been brewing since Monday night, when Miguel Cabrera(notes)  was hit in the top of the fourth and Youkilis was plunked in the bottom half; Detroit's Brandon Inge(notes) was hit in the eighth.

"On Tuesday, Cabrera was hit in the left hand in the top of the first by Junichi Tazawa(notes); when Porcello threw one inside to Boston first baseman Victor Martinez(notes) in the bottom, he took a few menacing steps toward the mound before returning to the batter's box."

Both Porcello and Youkilis were ejected after they were pulled off each other and you can bet that decent-sized suspensions are on their horizons. (As a great Detroiter once sang, "Shakedown! Breakdown! Takedown! You're busted!")

Said Porcello after the game: "The only thing I have to say about that is I was not intentionally trying to hit Kevin Youkilis. It was unintentional."

Losing Youkilis for five or more games won't help Boston down the stretch — the Tigers can absorb losing Porcello a little easier — but I can't say that I blame Youk for charging the mound. Enough was enough and eventually someone on either side had to erupt.

It just so happened to be him. 

For a pseudo clip of the fight, click here. For a few more photos, look out below!

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