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As a connoisseur of both minor league baseball and the never-not-funny tuxedo t-shirt, I have to take a minute to push back from my desk and issue a standing O for the unis that were worn by the Lehigh Valley IronPigs on Thursday night.

Bravo, you classy sirs! Bravo!

Worn as part of the team's second Ballpark Wedding Night, the AAA-affiliate of the Phillies donned the jerseys after two fans, Kelly Johnson(notes) and Matthew Stoudt, exchanged lineup cards wedding vows before the game. Above you can see the Phillies catching prospect Lou Marson(notes) styling the look. To the right here is outfield prospect Michael Taylor, who was just elevated to AAA ball and also has great expectations.

Great groomsmen, the both of them, as they helped get Uncle Barry and Aunt Rita on the dance floor with a 5-4 win over the Rochester Red Wings. 

Making the promotion even better was the fact that the night's starting pitcher, Kyle Kendrick(notes), just proposed to his Survivor-fiancée girlfriend and apparently thought at first that the jerseys might have been in his honor.

From Lehigh Valley Live: 

"It was kind of weird just getting engaged and then having to wear those things the first time back," Kendrick said. "I had no idea what was going on until I got here."

Don't poke fun at old Kyle, because he knows the lengths that teammates will go to pull one over on him. (Remember the Japan trade?)

But it turns out that the jerseys were only a one-time thing this season and the IronPigs plan to auction them off for the benefit of team charities.

You may now kiss the beer vendor.

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Photo credits: Digital Photographic Imaging and Frank Mitman Photography

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