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As long as the Altoona Curve don't plan on trailing in an unusual number of games this year, the reversible rally caps they'll be wearing for the 2011 season seem like a pretty sweet idea.

At the very least, they're a novel way for the Double-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates to kill two birds with ... uh, one lid.

After all, in the eighth inning, it's a normal cap for someone on the bench to wear while spitting seeds.

In the ninth, it instantly turns into a rally-spurring cap to wear at the top of the dugout with one careful punch of the fist.

From the Curve's press release:

The caps "are believed to be the first in Minor League Baseball to feature a specially-designed, rally cap lining.

When the Railroad Red cap with the new Engineer head logo is turned inside out, a bright orange lining with large black eyes is displayed to simulate the look of popular Curve rally mascot, Al Tuna."

The caps are made by New Era and will be worn by the team's players this season. They're also now onsale at the team's website if you live in the area and want to join in on the fun the next time they trail in a game.

Fashion Ump ruling: Yeah, it's a little bit of a goofy idea and it probably wouldn't work in the more straight-laced world of Major League Baseball. But it fits right in down in the colorful world of the minors, so Fashion Ump gives it an "A" for innovation. Quite frankly, he's surprised no minor league team has thought of this before.

What grade do you give these caps?

A big BLS head nod to Curve broadcasters Mike Passanisi (left) and Josh Ellis (right) for sending these along and serving as impromptu models.

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