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Spring training produces an avalanche of newsy tidbits. Most weekday evenings, we'll review some of the stories that accumulated during the day.

Clear the parking lot, Heyward's taking BP!: A legend is born? One day after impressing his new teammates with his "outside linebacker" body, Braves super prospect Jason Heyward(notes) showed that he's not just a weight room wonder. The rookie right fielder managed to hit not one, but two vehicles with batting practice blasts. He dented a Coca-Cola truck (uber-appropriate for an Atlanta ballplayer) and  smashed the sunroof on the car of assistant GM Bruce Manno. If Heyward keeps this up, Matt Wieters(notes) may have to relinquish control of the Wieters Facts meme

Boog Sciambi wins the Internet for the day: Jon Sciambi used to be a Braves broadcaster and now he's headed for the presumably greener national pastures of ESPN. He'll be a wild success if he can spin stories as well as this "unsuccessfully selling Chipper Jones(notes) on sabermetrics" tale he told for Baseball Prospectus. Sciambi's screen cap is gold. 

Mike Lowell doesn't want your pity: Gotta give it up for the 2007 World Series MVP. While most players might turn into a dark clubhouse cloud after remaining with a team that tried to trade him, Lowell is keeping a positive perspective on his in-limbo situation.

Frank Coonelly starts pouring the black-and-gold Kool-Aid: Pirates president says 2010 is the start of a new Pittsburgh dynasty in Major League Baseball. Hey, how about a winning season first, Frank?

Aaron Boone retires, joins ESPN: And to think I was worried that Baseball Tonight wouldn't have enough perspective to share on the Yankees this season.

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