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Evan Longoria has been asked about Eva Longoria throughout his entire career, so we figured it was time to turn the tables and ask the Desperate Housewives' star if she had been keeping up with the Rays' third baseman (no relation, of course) and his team's run to the World Series.

However, it appears that Eva is too busy battling those rumors that she's gained weight and/or is pregnant because our request to personally ask her just one burning question — "So you guys have similar names, huh?" — was denied. 

We did, however, feel very Hollywood when a statement from Evan's most famous fan — via her publicist — showed up in our inbox yesterday.

(It could be just us, but we swear that email smelled like gum drops and cotton candy.)

Eva's statement in its entirety: 

"I hope Evan gets Rookie of the Year and congratulations to them making it to the World Series!!!

"I thought it was funny when someone first told me that there was an Evan Longoria playing for the Tampa Bay Rays, but I kept hearing his name being mentioned after another Rays win. It's good to see that he is representing the Longorias well and keeping the name proud!" ~Eva Longoria

As our own Answer Man found out last month, Eva sent Evan a bottle of champagne in July when he made his first All-Star team, but he isn't necessarily keen on answering questions about the similiarity any more.

However, if the Rays win the World Series, we think the Tampa Bay third baseman should ask for a guest-starring role to hang out on Wisteria Lane. After his reported late-night performance in Boston last week, we're sure the producers can find an interesting role for him.

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