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When we look back at George W. Bush's tenure as President, I think it's likely the brightest spot will be the enthusiastic way he hosted World Series baseball teams at the White House. No matter whether the country was under siege from terrorists or the economy was receding at an alarming rate, the President always had time to meet with the ballplayers he admired so much when he was head of the Texas Rangers.

But unless he issues a December invitation to your 2008 World Series champion Chicago Cubs, Bush is never  going to get the hosting opportunity again. And so the lasting memory of his final baseball visit will be surmising that Manny Ramirez's absence in the District yesterday was because "his grandmother died again."

Leave it to Bush to always find the right words for our conquering heroes. MLB is going to miss him. 

Re: Wednesday's visit by the Red Sox: Boston Dirt Dogs has the full video here and Red Sox Monster has a picture review here

• President Bush welcomes 2007 Red Sox to White House / White

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