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Liability, schmiability: I say that if a sudsed-up Elvis impersonator wants to entertain the crowd during a lengthy rain delay by sliding on the tarp, you should let him, insurance concerns be damned.

(By the way, it was '70s Night at Wrigley Field, though I suppose it's possible this man had no idea and just likes showing up to Cubs games dressed as Elvis. Who could blame him?)

Now if the tornado sirens start blaring, as heard in the crazy footage below, that's probably a different story and Elvis needs to evacuate his person along with everyone else at Monday's shortened game. SportsByBrooks has a great first-person account of being evacuated at the game. Luckily I spent the night alternating between huddling in my basement with my dog and my laptop and cursing DirecTV for blipping out during Yankees-Rangers.

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