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Let me repeat, with punctuation added for emphasis, a stunning revelation from the interwebs.

Cody Ross(notes), spelled backward, is "Ssory Doc." As in "Sorry, Doc Halladay."


It's not quite "Soylent Green is people!" on the all-time scale of jaw-droppers, but it's up there. And it's also not on the approved list of Cody Ross anagrams, because the spelling's off.

No matter. It's a pearl, the disclosure of which came after Ross slugged two home runs against Roy Halladay(notes) on Saturday night in Game 1 of the NLCS, leading the San Francisco Giants to a 4-3 victory against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Tim Lincecum(notes)-Halladay harmonic convergence wasn't quite the sick puppy of a pitchers duel everyone hoped for, but it was a heckuva good Game 1. And it gave us the mother of all Cody Ross near-anagrams.

So, what is the origin of this nugget of wisdom?

UPDATE: It was a comment on the Giants blog McCovey Chronicles that possibly alludes to an earlier Facebook comment. Ah, Facebook. That bastion of geniusness.

There is possible anagram hope for Phillies fans: Brian Wilson(notes) can be re-arranged into "Rainbows Nil" and "Raisin Blown."

Big BLS h/t: @Tony_Lasarte of A Giant Sailor.

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